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Now Hiring: Bike/Scooter Share Operations Associate

RideKC Bike & Scooter is a great place to work, intern, and volunteer with the professional advocates, policy makers, educators, and bike/ped specialists of BikeWalkKC. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workplace and to the cultural competency of our team. 

Current Job Openings

Bike and Scooter Share Operations Associates
We are seeking part-time, temporary Operations Associates to support our RideKC electric-assist bike share and scooter program. Operations Associates are brand ambassadors, knowledge experts, our rebalancing team and the true lifeblood of our ecosystem. The main focus is to ensure that all of our bikes and scooters are appropriately parked and in good condition for users to ride.

Posted June 8, 2020See the full job description.


Commitment to Equity and Equal Opportunity

BikeWalkKC has a commitment to support diversity and equal opportunity in its services, administration, employment as well as research and activities. As such we strive to foster a working environment that values contributions from team members regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, sexual identity, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, or veteran status. Women and persons of color are highly encouraged to apply.

Johnson County Park and Recreation District (JCPRD) to launch partnership with RideKC Bike

Through a new partnership with Johnson County Park & Recreation District, RideKC Bikes will be available in several parks throughout Johnson County starting on Monday, June 1. This new system features a first-of-its-kind pedal bike model that operates in a hybrid “dockless” format. Bikes are located at hubs in each park, which can be found using the Drop Mobility app.

Bike hub locations include:

  • Shawnee Mission Park
  • Meadowbrook Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center
  • Mid-America West Sports Complex
  • Mid-America Sports Complex

Opening later this summer:

  • Mill Creek Streamway Park (at Lenexa’s Craig Crossing access point)
  • Arthur & Betty Verhaeghe Park

The parks-based system allows users to scan a bike to check it out, ride it safely, and then return it at any authorized hub location. Every bike has both a cable lock that wraps around a fixed object, and a wheel lock that automatically closes through the rear wheel, ensuring responsible parking. The first ride for new users is free; after that, bikes are one dollar to unlock and 10 cents per minute.

RideKC Bike is providing enhanced sanitation methods to ensure rider safety with every maintenance check, movement between hubs, and repairs.

For more information, visit


About JCPRD: For over 60 years the Johnson County Park and Recreation District has been enhancing the lives of the citizens of Johnson County through its parks, quality of programs, professionalism and response to developing trends. Each year, the District records more than 7 million park visitors and over 2 million recreation participants in over 4,000 programs. JCPRD’s mission is to enrich our community through excellence in parks, recreation, culture, education, and public service. Learn more at 

About RideKC Bike: RideKC Bike is a partnership of BikeWalkKC, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, and Drop Mobility. The system provides a unique integration of public transit and shared use mobility. Three fleets of traditional pedal bikes, electric-assist bikes, and scooters provide residents and visitors with healthy, sustainable options for getting around Kansas City. BikeWalkKC is the owner/operator of RideKC Bike. Learn more at


Richard Smalley, JCPRD Marketing & Communications Manager or (913) 826-3442

Karen Campbell, BikeWalkKC Director of Development & Communications or (816) 205-7056, ext. 2

Fighting coronavirus and seasonal flu

Fighting Coronavirus and Seasonal Flu

Let’s Work Together to Fight Novel Coronavirus and Other Seasonal Flu

Keeping bikes and scooters clean is essential to having a welcoming service for public use. Just as users should be able to rely on bikes and scooters working well mechanically, they should also be able to be confident that their ride is clean and sanitized.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked Americans to prepare for the spread of the coronavirus and other seasonal diseases, so we are immediately enacting new measures to ensure the safety of all our RideKC Bikes and Scooters.  


Free rides for health care workers and local small businesses.


RideKC Bike & Scooter is proactively taking steps to minimize exposure to customers and employees, and we are asking for your help, as well.

Here’s what RideKC Bike and Scooter is doing:

  • All bikes and scooters will be chemically sanitized with every maintenance check, movement between hubs, and repairs.  
  • Surfaces such as grips, frames, and locking mechanisms will be wiped down with sanitizer.
  • The field and shop operations team is taking extra steps to ensure clean and sanitized working areas.

Here’s what RideKC Bike and Scooter customers can do:

  • Wash their hands thoroughly and frequently, which is still the best preventive action.
  • Avoid touching their face after being in public places.
  • Cover their sneezes and coughs.
  • If you see an unhygienic surface on a RideKC Bike or Scooter, report it to the operator via the app or call customer service at 816-945-9545.

RideKC Bike and Scooter will immediately remove any device from service for cleaning if a rider creates an unsanitary condition from a sickness of any kind.

Many questions about novel coronavirus can be answered at the Missouri Department of Health website:

Healing House, Inc. announced as newest Bike Share for All equity partner


RideKC Bike & Scooter announces Healing House, Inc. as its newest Community Program Partner, connecting needs-based providers throughout Greater Kansas City with low-cost transportation for their clients.

Kansas City, MO | November 7, 2019 – RideKC Bike and Scooter is adding Healing House, Inc. as its newest community program partner. Healing House becomes the fifth organization to partner with RideKC Bike & Scooter to offer subsidized access to bikes and scooters for those in the community that receive needs-based services.

Healing House, Inc. serves the community by offering tools and resources for those seeking opportunities for personal growth and maintain life-long sobriety.  Equitable and diverse transportation options are key in the recovery of participants and this program will be another resource for those in need of mobility solutions.

The Community Partners Program enables local nonprofits, government agencies and social services organizations to offer their clients a steeply discounted RideKC Bike and Scooter Annual Membership.  Now anyone receiving needs-based services can take advantage of the subsidized Annual Membership to access the RideKC bikes and scooters for just $10. Those who maintain a monthly bus pass through RideKC can also add the bike and scooter service to their bus pass at no additional cost.


BikeWalkKC’s mission is to redefine our streets as places for people to build a culture of active living. We see a community that is barrier free, has complete biking and walking access, and has a connected culture of active transportation and active lifestyles. We deliver innovative education programs, conduct advocacy and community engagement activities, and provide activities that bring people together around active transportation. Learn more:

Healing House, Inc. is a non-profit, faith-based substance abuse recovery organization. We work in the Kansas City metropolitan area to provide safe and stable homes with opportunities for spiritual and personal growth along with purposeful guidance and support for men and women who are committed to overcoming their addiction and becoming responsible, productive, drug and alcohol free members of our community. Learn more at

North Kansas City to allow RideKC E-Bikes and Scooters

North Kansas City to allow RideKC E-Bikes and Scooters:
City Council updates Bike Share Operating Agreement

Kansas City, MO | November 8, 2019: At its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, November 5, the City of North Kansas City’s City Council reviewed a proposal to update its current operating agreement with Bike Share KC / RideKC Bike and Scooter to allow for the deployment of electric-assist bikes (e-bikes) and scooters at locations other than its current three bike share stations. Following a review of the features and amenities provided by the new e-bikes and scooters, along with proposed additional docking/parking locations, the Council voted unanimously to update the Cooperative Agreement.

The current bike share kiosk locations at Armour and Iron, 18th and Swift, and 29th and Swift will remain as parking hubs. Additional hubs will include all existing bike racks located on public property in the City of North Kansas City. RideKC e-bikes and scooters feature exclusive “lock-to” technology that requires a rider to use the built-in lock on the bike or scooter to secure it at a bike rack or bike share kiosk. This ensures that bikes and scooters are parked responsibly and out of the public right-of-way. RideKC e-bikes and scooters are powered by Drop Mobility and feature on-board GPS, which notifies local operating staff when the equipment needs servicing, charging, or is improperly parked. Locations for all e-bikes, scooters, and parking hubs are provided through the Drop Mobility smartphone app.

“Welcoming new active transportation modes from RideKC Bike and Scooter is the next logical step in North Kansas City’s work to be a bike-friendly community,” says Councilmember Bryant DeLong. “These electric modes increase access to those interested in biking or using scooters in a healthy and fun way without the stress or expense of maintaining the equipment themselves. We are excited to partner with RideKC Bike and Scooter to give residents and visitors to North Kansas City more sustainable, healthy transportation options.”

“Shared mobility continues to evolve, and North Kansas City remains a leader in the region for welcoming innovative ways to connect the community to amenities that benefit all who live, work, and play there,” says Eric Vaughan, director of bike share and business services for BikeWalkKC / RideKC Bike and Scooter. “We look forward to working together to continue to advance safe, healthy options for enjoying all that North Kansas City has to offer.”


About: RideKC Bike and Scooter is a partnership of BikeWalkKC, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, and Drop Mobility. The system provides a unique integration of public transit and shared use mobility. Three fleets of traditional pedal bikes, electric-assist bikes, and scooters provide residents and visitors with healthy, sustainable transportation options. The bike share and scooter program is a part of the RideKC regional transit family of mobility services, including Bus, MAX, Streetcar, and now shared-use bikes and scooters. For more information, please visit

RideKC Bikes and Scooters chosen as official operators in KCMO pilot program

Today we are excited to be part of the next phase of the City’s dockless shared use mobility program. Look for more RideKC Bike e-bikes on the streets of KC in the coming weeks, and soon the addition of scooters!

The City of Kansas City, MO interim dockless program started in Summer 2018, and is now moving into a year-long pilot program to develop rules and regulations for the rapidly-evolving worlds of micro-mobility and shared-use transportation.

RideKC Bike launched an electric-assist bike share program in early 2019, and as part of the new City Hall pilot program we will soon be adding e-scooters to the mix. Stay tuned for more details about our scooter launch in the coming weeks.

The RideKC Bike system is a new part of the RideKC family of mobility services, which operates a unique mix technologies that extend the fixed-route transit system and gives local residents and visitors a variety of options for getting around KC.

RideKC Bike now features:

  • Smart, electric-assist bikes and e-scooters operating in a hybrid docked/dockless system with lock-to technology that utilizes existing and new bike racks to ensure our devices are organized, thoughtfully deployed, and enhance public spaces.
  • Pedal bikes operating in a traditional docked, kiosk-based system (formerly branded as KC BCycle) at 42 locations in Downtown, Midtown, 18th & Vine, the Plaza, Brookside, Waldo, and North Kansas City.
  • Bike Share for All, ensuring all Kansas Citians have access to bike – especially those impacted by disparities in mobility, health, and economics.
  • Bike+Bus Pass allowing commuters to transfer seamless between RideKC Bus, RideKC Max, and RideKC Bike.

About RideKC Bike
RideKC Bike is a public/private/nonprofit partnership led by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and BikeWalkKC, operating a family of shared use mobility services powered by equipment and technology supplied by Drop Mobility and BCycle.

The bike share program is a part of the RideKC regional transit family of mobility services, including Bus, MAX, Streetcar, and now bikes and scooters. The shared use mobility services are operated by BikeWalkKC, a local 501c3 charitable nonprofit working to redefine our streets as places for people to build a culture of active living.

Major funding for bike share is provided by the City of Kansas City, MO; Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, the Health Forward Foundation, H&R Block Foundation, and many other sponsors and partners in the community.

BikeWalkKC’s Bike Share program to get new look after KCATA Board approves agreement

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) Board of Commissioners approved a one-year agreement with BikeWalkKC for the Kansas City Bike Share system. The agreement will expand the RideKC family of transit options to include RideKC Bike, to be offered alongside existing bus, MAX, streetcar, paratransit, and ride share services.

This unique nonprofit/transit partnership will provide shared transportation services that extend and expand bike sharing in the metro. All existing bike share assets, including the 42 kiosks and 230 pedal bikes, will be rebranded as RideKC Bike. Some existing kiosks will be relocated to locations closer to transit later this spring. The RideKC Bike smart, electric-assist bike system will grow to include 150 new bikes located at hubs around the Kansas City, Mo., area. BikeWalkKC will continue to operate the bike share program.

“We are proud to support the growth of bike share in Kansas City,” said Robbie Makinen, KCATA president and CEO. “Bike sharing will provide important first-and-last mile options for those using transit in the metro, and provide healthy, green transportation options for residents and visitors to Kansas City.”

Both RideKC Bike options (pedal and e-bikes) operate using an app-based system. The e-bikes, powered by Drop Mobility, may be checked out and returned to any designated hub around the city, with per-hour and day rates available. E-bikes feature a “hold” option that allows riders to lock the bike to any bike rack and hold their trip until they are ready to return the bike to a hub and end their trip. Pedal bikes may be checked out from and returned to any of the 42 station-based kiosks (docks), with a range of membership options from hourly to annual. More information is available on the RideKC Bike website:

BikeWalkKC and the KCATA have a long history of successful partnerships. Recent efforts include the new combined Bike + Bus pass and BikeWalkKC’s bike share equity project, “Bike Share for All,” which partners with local social service agencies to provide affordable bike share access for underserved communities.

“We are excited to be a part of the RideKC family,” said Eric Rogers, executive director of BikeWalkKC. “This partnership will ensure improved equity, access, and connectivity for transit users, and provide affordable, reliable, and convenient solutions for neighborhoods, communities, and individuals across the city.”

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