E-Bikes: Download the RideKC Bike App to get started

RideKC Bike is rolling out a new transportation option in Kansas City, Missouri and North Kansas City: electric-assist bike share! Together with BikeWalkKC and Drop Mobility, RideKC Bike Electric-Assist offers riders a boost up hills and quick trips when your own two feet just can't move fast enough.

E-Bike Pricing:

  • Walk-up registration: $2.00 for first 20 minutes, then 10 cents per minute
  • 24-hour pass: $15, take unlimited rides, each up to 4 hours. Unlock fees are waived. Additional minutes are charged at the same rate as pay-as-you-go trips. Expires 24 hours after purchase
  • Monthly membership: $30 per month, includes four credits per day (1 credit = 20 minutes)

Hours of Operation:
24-hours a day, seven days a week

E-Bike Features

  • Electric-assist motors, perfect for KC’s hills
  • On-board GPS helps riders locate bikes easily
  • “Lock-to” technology keeps the bikes organized, safe, and convenient
  • Pause trips to keep a bike on hold while it’s parked

E-Bike How To

  1. Use the RideKC Bike app to locate bikes
  2. Scan the bar code on the back of the bike to rent and unlock a bike
  3. The e-bike motor provides an extra boost of power whenever you are pedaling
  4. Return the bike to any designated bike share station or other “hub” shown in the app

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.