Questions and Answers

What if I have questions or issues?
You may contact us via the Drop app (available for iPhone and Android) to chat or send an email, or call customer service: 816-945-9545.

How do I find a bike?
Bikes can be located using the Drop app available for iPhone and Android.

How do I check out a bike?
Scan the QR code on any RideKC Bike to unlock the bike and start your ride. Be sure to setup the Drop app and load a payment method before scanning.

How much does it cost?

  • Walk-up registration: $2.00 for first 20 minutes, then 10 cents per minute
  • 24-hour pass: $15, unlimited rides for 24-hours
  • Monthly membership: $30 per month, includes four ride credits (one credit = 20 minutes) per day
  • You get a FREE ride credit (20 minutes) when you download and use the Drop app for the first time (you must enter a credit card should overages occur).
  • You can add FREE ride credits by referring RideKC Bike to friends; use the referral code found in the side menu of the app, “Get free rides.” You will get 1 free credit (20 minutes) when they take their first ride using your code.

When is the “hold” release on my credit card?
The $10 hold that is placed on your credit card when you check out a bike is released at the end of your trip, but it may take up to a couple of days for it to reflect on your bank statement.

How is this different than BCycle?
RideKC Bikes are a new electric-assist option that compliments the pedal-powered BCycle bikes. Both systems are operated by BikeWalkKC, but utilize different apps and accounts. Use the Drop app to rent a RideKC Bike; use the BCycle app or a touch-screen kiosk to rent a BCycle bike.

Can I use my BCycle Annual Membership?
Not directly, but all BCycle Annual Members will receive Drop credits to use on the RideKC e-bikes. All current BCycle Annual Members have received an email with their Drop credit promo codes. Didn’t receive your code? Contact us

How does the motor work?
The motor turns on automatically when you start pedaling. The harder you pedal, the more power it gives you. The motor stops running when you stop pedaling, and tops out at 20 mph.

How do I lock the bike?
Every bike has both a cable lock that wraps around a fixed object and wheel lock that automatically closes through the rear wheel. Wrap the cable lock around a bike rack or pole, insert the end into the wheel lock, and use the Drop app to end your trip and lock the bike.

Where can I return the bike?
Bikes may be checked out of and returned to any hub. Check the Drop app as new hub locations come online.

Can I lock the bike without ending my trip?
Yes! You lock the bike and keep your trip open (place it on “hold”) if you need to run into a store for a quick errand. Usage fees continue to be charted until you end the trip.

When you are on a trip, tap the “Add stop” on the “on trip” screen in the app to hold the bike. To restart your trip/reuse the bike, tap “Resume” on the “on trip” screen in the app.

Are these dockless bikes?
RideKC Bikes are similar to dockless bikes, but they are parked at designated locations that include Kansas City BCycle stations and other publicly-available bike racks. Bikes that are returned outside of these locations will be assessed an extra fee.

Can I use the Bike + Bus pass?
Yes and no. The Bike+Bus pass does not yet work directly with RideKC Bikes, but passholders will receive credits that can be used with RideKC Bikes. Contact customer service (816-945-9545) for more information.

What if I have a problem (flat tire, battery dies, etc.)?
Contact our Customer Service hotline (816-945-9545) if you have any problems or questions.