How It Works

We're rolling out a new transportation option in Kansas City, Missouri: electric scooters! Together with BikeWalkKC and Drop Mobility, RideKC Scooters offer riders a boost up hills and quick trips when your own two feet just can't move fast enough. Enjoy the lowest priced scooters in town at $1 to unlock and $0.15/min.

Scooter Pricing:

  • Walk-up registration: $1.00 to unlock, then 15 cents per minute
  • Day pass: $15 for unlimited rides for 24-hours
  • Monthly membership: $30 per month, includes four credits per day (1 credit = 10 minutes)
  • Annual membership: $149 for 365 days

STUDENTS: If you're a student, memberships are even more affordable when you sign up with valid student email! Starting at just $29.

Hours of Operation:
24-hours a day, seven days a week

Scooter Features

  • Electric-assist motors, perfect for KC’s hills
  • On-board GPS helps riders locate bikes easily
  • “Lock-to” technology keeps the scooters organized, safe, and convenient
  • Pause trips to keep a scooter on hold while it’s parked

Scooter How-To

  1. Use the RideKC Bike app to locate scooters.
  2. Scan the bar code on the scooter to rent and unlock a scooter.
  3. Put one foot on the scooter and one on the ground; use your foot to push off. Use the throttle on the right-side handlebar to control your speed, and squeeze the brakes on left handlebar to slow/stop.
  4. Return the scooter to any designated bike share station or other “hub” shown in the app.