You love RideKC Bike... and so do all of your neighbors.

Growing demand for RideKC Bike causes some growing pains ...but there's a cure!

Ridership grew by 29% from 2021-2022, and we're pedaling on to even greater growth this year. Take a peek behind the bike shop curtain to see how things are going, the challenges we are facing, and what we are doing to make bikes more reliably available.

The RideKC Bike system is part of the RideKC family of mobility services, which operates a unique mix of technologies extending the fixed-route transit system and giving local residents and visitors a variety of options for getting around Kansas City.

RideKC Bike features:

  • Smart, electric-assist bikes and classic pedal bikes operating in a dockless system with lock-to technology that utilizes existing and new bike racks to ensure our devices are organized, thoughtfully deployed, and enhance public spaces.
  • Bike Share for All, ensuring all Kansas Citians have access to bikes – especially those impacted by disparities in mobility, health, and economics.

RideKC Bike is a 24/7 bike sharing system, operated by BikeWalkKC. 

For more information about RideKC Bike, contact or 816-945-9545.