Biking to the Super Bowl victory parade and celebration with RideKC Bike

That was some game, huh? 🥳🥳🥳 Now let’s make some parade plans! If you plan on biking to the the Super Bowl parade on Wednesday, we have some tips.

How to navigate the parade with RideKC Bike:

1. Get the app. Download the “RideKC Bike” app for iPhone or Android. Be sure to install it, create an account, and add a payment method before heading out to the parade.

2. Park your car outside the the parade zone or take a shuttle bus towards downtown. We suggest using your RideKC Bike app to choose an area with plenty of bikes available (Country Club Plaza, Midtown, North KC, or KCK are good bets)

3. Use the RideKC Bike app to find a bike near you and check its battery level. Fees apply until you lock the bike and end the trip in the app.

4. Lock up responsibly. When you pedal up to the crowd, lock up the bike at a public bike rack, street sign, or other fixed object. Please do not lock the bike to a bus stop or street car stop, handrail, or private property, and make sure your bike isn’t blocking a sidewalk, stairway, doorway, or other access point.

5. Do not ride on any sidewalks or on any closed streets.

DON’T PANIC if you can’t get a signal:

Parade organizers are warning that cell phone service may be spotty with so many people downtown. This could impact the reliability of our app and your ability to start/end trips.

  1. If you are unable to end your trip and upload a photo, please contact customer support through the app later in the day. We will reply and reverse any overage fees within 24 hours.
  2. We recommend using a credit card instead of a debit card if possible, to avoid tying up your funds and to allow for a faster refund if needed.
  3. After the parade you may need to wait for crowds to disperse and cell service to return before you can unlock a bike.

Get the App

Be sure to download the RideKC Bike app, create an account, and add a payment method before heading out to the parade.