Questions and Answers

What if I have questions or issues?

You may contact us via the RideKC Bike app (available for iPhone and Android) to chat or send us an email at

How do I find a bike?

Bikes can be located using the RideKC Bike app available for iPhone and Android. If you are a bus rider, you can also use the Transit app to plan a bike+bus trip and find bikes.

E-bikes are available in Kansas City (Missouri), Kansas City (Kansas), North Kansas City, the Aspiria Campus, and Lenexa. Classic pedal bikes are available in select Johnson County Parks and at the Aspiria Campus.

How do I check out a bike?

Scan the QR code on any RideKC Bike to unlock the bike and start your ride. Be sure to setup the RideKC Bike app and load a payment method before scanning.

How much does it cost?

  • Walk-up registration: E-bikes are $1.00 to unlock and 15 cents per minute. Classic bikes are $1.00 to unlock and 10 cents per minute.
  • 24-hour pass: $15, take unlimited rides, each up to 4 hours. Unlock fees are waived. Additional minutes are charged at the same rate as pay-as-you-go trips. Expires 24 hours after purchase.
  • 30-day membership: $39. No unlock fees. Includes 80 minutes of free riding time per day.
  • 90-day membership: $99. No unlock fees. Includes 80 minutes of free riding time per day.
  • Annual membership: $149. No unlock fees. Includes 80 minutes of free riding time per day.
  • If your employer, landlord, school, or organization is a partner or sponsor of RideKC Bike, you may be eligible for a free or discounted Annual Membership. Please contact your human resources representative, leasing office, or membership manager to see if they participate and how to redeem your discount.
  • People who receive services from our Bike Share for All partners may qualify for a significantly discounted membership.

*Riders who leave a bike unlocked or parked improperly may incur additional charges. See “Why am I being charged an additional fee? Why is my account frozen?” below to learn more about fees and fines. Follow the instructions on the app to park and lock your bike.

When is the “hold” release on my credit card?

The $10 hold that is placed on your credit card when you check out a bike is released at the end of your trip, but it may take up to a couple of days for it to reflect on your bank statement.

Are the bikes available all year round?

All Lenexa, Johnson County Park & Recreation District, and Aspiria bikes, and a portion of the Kansas City, KS fleet go into “winter hibernation” starting December 1. Each year, the bikes in these fleets get a full tune-up over the winter months to prepare them for the busy spring biking season. According to RideKC Bike’s agreements with our partners, the fleets are out of service from December 1 through about March 1.

If you are a RideKC Bike member, your membership works in all of our systems. Use the RideKC Bike app to find bikes in KCMO, KCK, and North Kansas City all year round!

Can I rent multiple vehicles from RideKC Bike?

You can rent up to four bikes (classic bikes and/or e-bikes) on one account. Scan the QR codes using the app to begin, and don’t forget use the app to end all trips when you are done riding.

How does the motor work on the e-bikes?

The motor turns on automatically when you start pedaling. Don’t be tempted to push harder up a big hill– just pedal normally and let the motor do the work! The motor stops running when you stop pedaling, and tops out at 20 mph.

How do I end a trip?

Deploy the kickstand and lock up the bike: Every bike has both a cable lock that wraps around a fixed object and wheel lock that automatically closes through the rear wheel. Wrap the cable lock around a bike rack or pole, insert the end into the wheel lock, and press the slide to secure the wheel lock through the cable loop.

Use the RideKC Bike app to end the trip: Select your bike in the app and click End Trip. Follow the instructions on the app to snap a photo of your bike and close your trip.

  • What do I do if the trip is still running on the app? Don’t panic! Safely lock and secure your bike, then contact customer service by phone, email, or through the app. We will help you resolve and end your trip.
  • What if I can’t take a photo to end my trip? Just make sure it’s locked safely in a hub or at a rack and then shoot us a message. Our customer service team is local, and we’re here to help.

Where can I park a RideKC bike?

In Johnson County Parks, Lenexa, and at the Aspiria Campus, riders must lock up at official RideKC Bike hubs. Use the RideKC Bike app to find your nearest hub.

In Kansas City (Missouri), Kansas City (Kansas), and North Kansas City, riders may lock up nearly anywhere within the service area as long as the bikes remain available to other users and do not inhibit anyone’s mobility. We like to call it “neighborly parking.”

Please park and lock up at designated RideKC Bike hubs or at publicly-available bike racks. Riders may also lock up and end their trip at a street sign or pole as long as the bike doesn’t block a sidewalk, doorway, staircase, ramp, or other access point. Please do not lock up bikes to transit stops, fences, handrails, short poles, trees, or private bike racks that are not available for use by the general public. Users may incur an extra fee for parking a bike without ending their trip or using the cable lock, or for parking a bike in a manner that blocks an access point.

Why am I being charged an additional fee? Why is my account frozen?

You may incur additional fees or cause your account to be frozen if you park a bike improperly, damage RideKC Bike equipment, or repeatedly violate the user agreement. Avoid incurring the following fees and fines by following the instructions in the app and contacting customer service when you need assistance:

  • $20- When RideKC Bike staff is required to relocate a bicycle that is parked improperly.
  • $5- When the bike is not secured with the cable AND wheel lock to a bike rack or approved object in the “furniture zone” of the public right of way. The furniture zone is the space between the sidewalk and the road. See above “Where can I park a RideKC Bike?” to learn more about proper parking.
  • $10-  When the bike is impeding pedestrian, ramps, stairs, transit boarding, or vehicle right-of-way zones.
  • $10- When the bike has been secured on private property.  Bikes must always remain publicly accessible and are not permitted to be secured on private property.

Repeat offenses will result in freezing of bike service access.

Users are responsible for any damage incurred to the bike during use. Please report any maintenance issues immediately in the RideKC Bike app to avoid damage fines.

Can I lock the bike without ending my trip?

Yes! You lock the bike and keep your trip open (place it on “hold”) if you need to run into a store for a quick errand. Usage fees continue to be charged until you end the trip in the app.

When you are on a trip, tap the “Add stop” on the “on trip” screen in the app to hold the bike. To restart your trip/reuse the bike, tap “Resume” on the “on trip” screen in the app.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Please check with your local jurisdiction for helmet laws. RideKC Bike recommends a helmet even when it is not legally required; a helmet can greatly increase your safety.